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  • Kim Beaumont

Communion Encounter with Jesus

It has been one of ‘those' weeks for me.

Where one thing seemed to pile on top of another.

Can you relate?

I had a choice.

To stay feeling miserable and blah.

Or lean into Jesus.

I chose the latter.

After all, what did I have to lose?

I put some worship on,

(still not feeling particularly inspired.)

I lay on my couch and waited on Him.

The worship began to wash over me. One song, one lyric, one note at a time.

My heart started to stir. Something inside of me began to shift - ever so slightly.

I began to hum and quietly worship, as His Presence gently washed over me.

I could feel the heaviness that I was carrying begin to fade as He became my focus.

Closing my eyes, I immediately saw a table in a dark room.

The table was bathed in candlelight.

A very simple wooden table.

Two chairs were there. Set before me, was a freshly baked loaf of bread and a carafe of wine.

I walked to the table.

He was waiting beside my chair. He seated me and sat down beside me.

He smiled.

Oh so tenderly...

I began to cry.

No words were spoken.

There wasn't any need.

He broke off a piece of bread and with His nail-scarred hands passed it to me.

I pressed it against my lips and mixed with the saltiness of my tears, I heard in my spirit:

This is My body, broken for you, eat.

He poured out the wine and passed it to me.

This is My blood, poured out for you, drink.

Taking the glass in my hands, I took a big gulp!

Not a delicate little sip. No!

I wanted as much of Him as I could get!

He laughed.

I can still see Him.

His head was thrown back, with a deep chuckle, and crinkled eyes, sparkling.

He reached for the napkin and wiped my mouth tenderly like a mother wiping her baby's face.

Then He took my hand and held it in His.

We sat. In silence.

Not a word was spoken between us.

There was no need. Everything that could have been said, was already done.

My tears.

His Presence.

It was enough.

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