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  • Kim Beaumont

Prophetic Intercepters

June 5, 2021

I woke up the other morning with the word INTERCEPTOR on my brain. I asked Holy Spirit about it and remembered a dream I had a few hours earlier.

In the dream, I was watching the dream and in it at the same time. But I knew it wasn’t necessarily just for me. I was lying in bed next to someone asleep, and heard the words ‘hold on’. As soon as I heard those words a demonic force descended on me/the girl and began tormenting and torturing her painfully, holding her down.

She was trying to wake up the person next to her to help, but couldn’t quite reach them. She finally called out to Jesus, waking up the sleeping person beside her. They immediately joined her, crying out to God for deliverance. They got up out of bed and began praying, declaring and interceding and claiming the blood of Jesus.

I woke up.

I asked God what the dream meant. And I heard the word ‘INTERCEPTOR’.

There are intercessors who intercede on behalf of people and situations. But God is calling out specific people as ‘interceptors’! These people will intercept the plans of the enemy with authority and power!

Like an interceptor in a football game, where there is ‘a play’ already in process. The interceptor blocks a player or grabs the ball and diverts the intended endgame of the opposing team.

Prophetic interceptors divert the opposing team’s endgame! They know how to read the enemy's plays and plans before they get too far underway. They are not distracted or disillusioned by what the enemy is doing. They have divine tactics to not only intercept the ball but also Heavenly game plans to know where to pass the ball to next, for their advantage to win the game!

These people have direct contact with the Coach and partner with Him to plan and strategize.

God is waking up ‘prophetic interceptors’ who will wake up others. They will stop slumbering, get up and together fight back and render the enemy powerless!

- They know their authority and the power that they carry.

- They know how to wield the sword of the spirit and they know the power of the blood. The Word is their weapon of choice, and declaration is one of the ‘game plays’.

- Their ears and eyes are open in the spirit, they see what others don’t see.

- They live their lives intentionally leaning into the heart of the Father and know the importance of living FROM His presence.

God is waking up His prophetic army of interceptors for such a time as this!

Will you join us?

What is God talking to you about at this time?

What game plays has He been sharing with you? We would love to hear about it.

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